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Hot Water Bag 500ml Hot Water Bag 500ml

A hot water bag is used to provide warmth to a specific area of the body.

Our Price: Php67.50
IB101 Ice Bag Ice Bag

Ice Bag is a useful product that can be used in many situations, from sprains and strains to headaches.

Our Price: Php75.00
Hot Water Bag 1000ml Hot Water Bag 1000ml

A hot water bag is a container filled with hot water and sealed with a stopper, used to provide warmth to a specific area of the body.

Our Price: Php90.00
Cherub Baby Wipes Cherub Baby Wipes

Cherub Baby Wipes is a high quality alcohol wipes ideal for cleaning up babies or patients.

Our Price: Php140.00
Disposable Latex Gloves Latex Gloves

The disposable latex gloves is an economical non sterile gloves that is easy to use. Ideal for clinic and hospital use.

Our Price: Php150.00
Disposable Blood lancet 200's Disposable Blood lancet 100's

Blood lancets are disposable needles that are placed in a lancet device to prick fingers.

Our Price: Php150.00
Ormed Petroleum Jelly 150ml Ormed Petroleum Jelly 150ml

Ormed Petroleum Jelly is a water based lubricant that can be used to moisten skin and soften body orifices.

Our Price: Php150.00
Caress Adult Diapers Caress Adult Diaper

Caress diapers is a reliable brand in providing maximum absorbency with a pocket friendly price.

Our Price: Php179.00
EJUP Elderjoy Underpads Elder Joy Under Pads 60 x 90mm

Elder Joy underpads are disposable pads used on top of the bed to absorb any fluid spillage.

Our Price: Php190.00
Gauze Pad 4x4 Sterile Gauze Pad 4x4 Sterile

Sterile Gauze Pads are used for dressing wounds to reduce infection.

Our Price: Php240.00
SC2902 sharps container Sharps Container 3L

Safe way to dispose sharps and needles.

Our Price: Php250.00
Lancing Device Lancing Device

Lancing device is used to prick the fingers to obtain blood for glucose test device.

Our Price: Php250.00
ORHB Oxygen Regulator Humidifier Bottle Oxygen Regulator Humidifier Bottle

This can serve as a replacement for the humidifier bottle when the current bottle is broken.

Our Price: Php300.00
SC Suction Catheter Tips Suction Catheter Tips

These sterile catheters are used in suctioning fluids from the throat.

Our Price: Php330.00
BR9310 MTI France Bathroom Scale Economy Personal Mechanical Bathroom Scale

This personal bathroom scale is used for basic weight monitoring.

Our Price: Php400.00
RE5301 Spirometer Respiratory Exerciser Spirometer Respiratory Exerciser

Spirometer helps restore respiratory function by breathing exercises.

Our Price: Php720.00
Sale Price: Php600.00
Savings: Php120.00
HB8000 Commode Pail Liner Commode Pail Liner

Commode Pail Liner allows for easy cleaning and disposal of bodily wastes in commode chairs.

Our Price: Php800.00
MTI France Portable Nebulizer MTI Nebulizer

Portable home care nebulizer that is durable and easy to use.

Our Price: Php1,000.00
oxygen regulator, MTI France MTI Oxygen Regulator

Oxygen regulator is needed to effectively manage outflow of pressurized oxygen from tanks.

Our Price: Php1,300.00
Sale Price: Php1,000.00
Savings: Php300.00
EMG Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pad Egg Crate Mattress

Egg crate Mattress helps reduce pressure to help prevent bed sores.

Our Price: Php1,500.00
Sale Price: Php1,190.00
Savings: Php310.00

Healthy Colon, Happy Life. This innovative, health-giving toilet stool is easy to use and highly effective in positioning the colon for effortless bowel movements.

Our Price: Php1,499.00
Sale Price: Php1,349.00
Savings: Php150.00
Foot Stool One Step Footstool

Sturdy, safe and convenient to use as an added step to a car or van or bed.

Our Price: Php1,500.00
OneTouch Ultra Test Strips 50's OneTouch Ultra Test Strips 50's

It is used to measure the blood sugar level in the body.

Our Price: Php1,500.00
NE1045 IV Stand Four Hooks IV Stand Four Hooks

Sturdy and durable, this IV stand holds fluid containers for intravenous therapy.

Our Price: Php2,280.00
Sale Price: Php1,800.00
Savings: Php480.00
HP5010 Oxygen Carrier for Wheelchair Portable Oxygen Carrier for Wheelchair

This oxygen carrier easily attaches to most wheelchairs.

Our Price: Php2,000.00
HP2010 IV Stand For Wheelchair IV Stand For Wheelchair

The IV Stand is an attachment device that is placed on a wheelchair to carry IV bag of the patient.

Our Price: Php2,000.00
SH3010 Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer is designed to measure the body temperature without any skin contact.

Our Price: Php2,550.00
Sale Price: Php2,100.00
Savings: Php450.00
Stainless Steel manual bed backrest Manual Backrest Stainless

Manual backrest allows for patient to sit upright when needed.

Our Price: Php2,500.00
Sale Price: Php2,200.00
Savings: Php300.00
OO176 Transfer Belt w/ Leg Strap Transfer Belt W/ Leg Straps

OO176 Transfer Belt w/ Leg Strap is used to help caretakers in supporting patients when the stand up or move from one place to another.

Our Price: Php3,200.00
Sale Price: Php2,400.00
Savings: Php800.00
GB18 Grab Bar 18" Stainless Grab Bar 18" Stainless

Grab bars are essential for the elderly to prevent falls and slips especially in the bathroom.

Our Price: Php2,500.00